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Maybe each morning you have to open some softwares, websites or any apps before to start working.

For me: my professional email box (Outlook), my personnal email box (Gmail), my testing email boxes (Thunderbird, Yahoo ...), Teams, the official CRM of my company, the unofficial CRM of my company, the marketing tools of my company, my Google shortcuts ... Hum, tired in the morning!

Thanks to Python and his libraries os and webbrowser, we can save time and neurons. Just add the code below in a Python script:

import os
import webbrowser
os.startfile(r"C:\Users\Georges\Desktop\Communications\Microsoft Teams.lnk")

Clicking into will open your favourite applications. Me I prefere store my scripts in a dedicated folder, and then add shortcuts on my desktop.

Maybe you should adapt the code according your OS and your apps subtilities. Here above for example, Outlook and Thunderbird are recognized by Python, and just need to mention their system names to the os library. A website need the webbrowser library, and the Google shortcuts need the os library but from their full paths.