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Merge 2 lists in 2 columns and properly display them in the terminal


import pandas as pd
from tabulate import tabulate
LanguageList = ['Python', 'SQL', 'PHP', 'CSS', 'Javascript', 'HTML']
LevelList = ['Fun', 'OK', 'Arghh', 'OK', 'Arghh', 'Easy']
LanguageLevel = list(zip(LanguageList, LevelList))
df = pd.DataFrame(LanguageLevel, columns =['Language', 'Level'])
print(tabulate(df, headers='keys', tablefmt='psql', showindex=False))

The 7th line uses zip to link the values from our lists in tupleslist encloses our tuples in a list.

The 9th line creates a data-frame (pd.DataFrame) from our new list (now containing tuples). Specifying the column labels.

The print uses tabulate to display our fields with a beautiful Postgres style (psql).

Split a dataframe with conditions, and them merge the splits according other conditions

firstSelection = df.loc[df['Field'] == 'Yes'].head(100)
secondSelection = df.loc[df['Field'] == 'No'].head(200)
# Merge the 2 selections.
df_Selections = pd.concat([firstSelection, secondSelection], axis=0)

Concatenate dataframes created in a loop

df_Concatenation = pd.DataFrame()
for ... :
    df_Concatenation = pd.concat([df_Concatenation, df], axis=0)