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Copy data from a dataframe in the clipboard

Very convenient to copy-paste quickly in a text file, CSV, Excel ...

df.to_clipboard(sep=',', index=False, header=None)


To dedupe a dataframe on an Email field keeping only the first duplicate record.

dfDeduped = df.drop_duplicates(subset=['Email'], keep='first')

Export a picture from a chart

And add a border.

from PIL import Image, ImageOps
fig1.savefig('C:/Users/myplot.png', dpi=100)
im ='C:/Users/myplot2.png')
bordered = ImageOps.expand(im, border=1, fill=(0, 0, 0))'C:/Users/myplot2.png')

Re-organize columns

df = df[['Field 1', 'Adresse mail', 'Note algorithmique', 'Substitutions']]

Re-name columns

df.rename(columns={'Old name 1': 'New name 1', 'Old name 1': 'New name 1'}, inplace=True)


To rank according to a field, from highest to lowest:

df['My rank'] = df['My field to rank'].rank(ascending=False)

Avoid duplicate:

df['My rank'] = df['My field to rank'].rank(ascending=False, method='first')

Generate a unique random integer

If you want a unique random integer from 1 included to the number of records included.

howManyRecord = df.shape[0]
df['Random number'] = np.random.choice(range(howManyRecord), howManyRecord, replace=False)
df.loc[df['Random number'] == 0, 'Random number'] = howManyRecord

Select with condition

df = df.loc[df['Field to filter'] == 'Yes']